the   designer
Claudia Ochoa, Designer

In Medellin, Colombia, Claudia Ochoa was raised among sewing machines, fabrics, trims and workers who toiled to produce quality garments. Young Claudia absorbed the love of design starting with making her own clothes as a child from designs she saw on American TV shows. After graduating from Colombia’s foremost design school, and working for ready-to-wear fashion houses in her native country, she moved to New York City and did lots of freelance design work for lingerie, swimwear, and textile companies.


By 2003, CLO intimo was launched, with the interest of producing feminine, flattering lingerie influenced by the sophisticated modernity of the New York woman, but maintaining the passion, color and sensuality of her South American roots.


Considering that many lingerie lines are seemingly designed for the enticement of the viewer, versus the comfort or confidence of the wearer, CLO is conceptualized and constructed to enhance the beauty of the woman under the garment. By creating fashions that appeal to the lady in the lingerie, Claudia has perfected the art of designing pieces that successfully heighten a woman’s sex appeal through the building of natural confidence. CLO’s fabric softly hugs each curve and accentuates true femininity. The benefactor of this confidence is not only the wearer herself, but those who look upon her, absorbing and innately responding to sexuality exuded. In essence, CLO lingerie is designed for the woman, their partners simply reap the benefits.

As Claudia says, “lingerie companies think they know what men want. But, men are often interested in something more subtle. If the design is more for the man, lingerie feeds a woman’s insecurity and the man will see that. As women, I don’t think we want just fantasy. We want to be ourselves, to wear things that make us feel good, confident and successful. You give the guy more, when you design for the girl.”

the   company

CLO intimo lingerie is designed and managed from our headquarters in New York City with showrooms in NY and LA.  Our pieces are constructed with precision and care and made to last in the lingerie capital of South America, Medellin, Colombia.  We use only the best fabrics and materials from Colombia, and hand stitch semi-precious stones to most of our pieces to create balance and harmony with nature.  Our color and design inspiration comes from the beautiful towns and colorful landscapes of Colombia.  The collection includes lingerie, foundations, loungewear, and daywear in a variety of fabrics, and our exclusive adjustable panties are one of a kind comfort and style that we guarantee you'll love.  All of our pieces are made by small, family-owned businesses and all of the workers associated with us earn a living wage with benefits and operate in a healthy working environment.

Fortuna, CLO intimo
Petalos, CLO intimo

Our mission is to utilize transparent, ethical methods along with high-quality, and where possible, sustainable materials to produce valuable and lasting pieces. We believe each individual involved in the production process is just as important as the customer who will wear our product.



High-quality lace, microfiber and tulle are our design foundations, sprinkled with prints and embroidery and semi-precious stones.  Colombian textiles and manufacturing have dramatically improved over the last decade to where they are now, in some cases, equal to their European equivalents.  Extreme care is taken with regard to fit, because no matter how beautiful the piece it won't work if it doesn't fit correctly, or needs instructions on how to wear it.

Fortuna, CLO intimo

We pack all of our own orders in bulk. We don't use a 3rd party distributor that requires each piece to be individually bagged. So, if we have an order with 100 pieces we might use 5-7 bags not 100 like most companies do, saving thousands of plastic bags per year. We also don't utilize fancy packaging and packing materials. We use the box that fits the order; standard shipping boxes that can be reused several times. We also use the backs of our FedEx labels for most internal printing including sales orders. Our lookbooks are on Flickr, and line sheets in emailable PDFs, and only use print versions when we have to for trade shows and in-person presentations. Conservation is not only about going easy on the planet, it just makes good economic sense.